Sunday, 16 January 2011


This is a hobby of mine, but I don't have a fancy SLR or an awful lot of knowledge either. I also don't put enough time into it to warrent a fancy SLR or to gain any knowledge!

So, I find that a decent photo package on the computer is a godsend at times, and am posting this to show a friend what I mean.... white balance!!

The photo's and the cookies are both hers and not mine - sadly!!

Before photoshop

After photoshop!
All I did was adjust the levels and straight away you have a less yellow, brighter picture.



It's saved many a photo of mine from the recycle bin!

You can achieve the same or better results by setting the white balance on the camera for the light settings you're photographing in. It really does make all the difference to your pictures and is very easy once you know which buttons to press. Let's face it, even I got the hang of it!!

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Krista said... I am soooo geeked about what you did with my pictures...I almost want to go to the store NOW to get Photoshop...I need details...what should I get?

Thank you...thank you...thank you!